On January 11, 1992, the inaugural meeting was held, electing the first board of directors consisting of 35 members and 11 supervisors. Mr. He Kangmin was concurrently elected as the first chairman of the board. The association aims to enhance the professional knowledge and social standing of travel industry managers, promote their exchange, and foster mutual assistance and growth.

Purpose of Establishment:

The association aims to "establish the authority of travel industry managers, foster mutual assistance for entrepreneurship, serve society, coordinate relationships within the travel industry, facilitate business exchanges among travel industry managers, enhance the quality of tourism, and promote common social interests."

Current Activities:

The highlight of our annual calendar is the training program for travel industry managers organized by the CERTIFIED TRAVEL COUNCILLOR ASSOCIATION R.O.C, commissioned by the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Transportation. Three training sessions are scheduled throughout the year.

In addition to these training sessions, the association also hosts periodic professional education seminars featuring industry veterans as speakers, aimed at sharing knowledge with our members. Furthermore, to strengthen bonds among professionals in Taiwan's travel industry, we organize consensus camps where members can exchange information and network effectively.

In the 113 year of the R.O.C., we have grown into a strong organisation with 377 active members. At present, our organisation is led by 27 Directors, 9 Supervisors and a professional team comprising 20 functional committees, all of whom are actively engaged in promoting the Society's activities and programmes.

Training for travel industry managers

This year's consensus camp